President Trump has signed an Executive Order that has prophetic significance

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Donald Trump the President signed an executive order dealing with artificial intelligence, AI. Now Bob I want to ask you why he had that executive order in place to sign? But first for those who may be Neophytes in our audience explain what AI, artificial intelligence is.

BM: The big thing that comes to mind is probably the Transformer movies, these robots that think on their own and do the biding of their masters. It’s like science fiction but it’s a reality today. It’s the manipulation of all environments whether its space or its inside your body with a particular type of surgical instrument, massive amounts of information that allows the master of that information to manipulate cyber space. It’s about a host of things in harnessing the domain of the cyber world in a way that can be nefarious or it can be good for mankind; it’s a dangerous area.

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