Hamas has fired rockets at Tel Aviv and the Israeli Air Force has responded

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Hamas supposedly sent two rockets into Israel with an attack on Tel Aviv and then early Friday morning the Israeli air force responded attacking the Hamas sites there in the Gaza Strip. What do we know? What’s happening now?

DD: Well Jimmy the latest News is that the Iron Dome anti-rocket system is being deployed this afternoon. Actually it began yesterday throughout Israel. So the reports that this may have been a mistake the idea of his saying that they may not have intentionally fired these rockets is being belied. The same statement was made last August when Be’er Sheva was hit. They found parts of the rocket near the town of Holon that’s very close to the heart of Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon Jimmy. They claim from Iran that they were Iranian made rockets. We know that Hamas and Islamic Jihad both have those types of Iranian produced rockets.

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