A major conflict at the Israeli-Gaza border could break into a full blown war

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Now are they doing this only in light of the upcoming elections or are they trying to really start the beginning of the end and wipe Israel off the face of the earth right now?

DD: Well Jimmy nobody can say for sure apart from Hamas leaders and Iranian leaders and others. But the evidence certainly suggests that they have determined to ratchet up the violence ratchet up the tension. Of course it’s been a year now since the Million Man March as they are calling it began on Land Day last year. Now Land Day Jimmy the last day of March every year they commemorate the Palestinians do the 1976 incident in the North of Israel. So every year there is trouble, there is rioting and there is protest. But this year the Palestinians called for an especially large and angry demonstration demanding basically Israel cease to exist during the 48-49 conflict and again in the 67 Six-Day War.

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