President Trump announces his re-election campaign with a very controversial opening prayer

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: You know one of the things that really bothered me about the President’s announcement rally was the opening prayer by Paula White one of Donald Trump’s main spiritual advisors. What can you tell us about who she is and how she fits into President Trump’s circle of advisory?

DJ: Her relationship with the President goes back to around 2002 when he discovered her by watching her television program and she believes God told her to show Donald Trump who God is. And now she is the chair of the President’s evangelical advisory committee.

JD: But what are your thoughts about what she said in her prayer and the fact that she has so much influence in this administration?

DJ: Here are a few of the things that she said during her prayer. She said, I pray for the spirit of the Lord to rest upon our President and let your favor cause his power to be exalted. So she seemed to refer to Trump as God’s anointed and that’s a title that’s reserved for the King of Israel and ultimately for Jesus Christ is the one who will establish God’s kingdom on the earth.

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