New guidelines for public school sex education is in lockstep with the LGBT activist and is targeting our children

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: New guidelines that have been issued by the New York City Department of Education that show how our children are being systematically targeted for indoctrination.

DJ: The announcement for these new policies came out in June and they include things that should be troubling for any Christian. It should be a wake up call for anyone honestly who may have had any doubts about whether LGBT activist with an agenda are determined to indoctrinate our children with their perverted ideas.

JD: All of this raises the question about what Christian parents can and should do and whether they can even leave their kids in public schools in good conscience.

DJ: Honestly it’s a tough issue. Every situation is different, every family is different and obviously every school district is different all though I think many are heading in this direction. In some places I’m not sure public schools are leaving Christian parents with much of a choice though. But I would say that whatever the cost it might be worth whatever sacrifices we need to make as parents for the sake of our children.

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