Pastor Andrew Brunson, imprisoned in Turkey and recently released, has returned to America to warn Christians of a coming time of great persecution

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: You know when you’re in jail for 2-year period time you’re pretty much in isolation. But I understand that in fact Pastor Brunson when he returned to the United States saw things differently then when he left and he said we’re on the edge of great persecution. I’m thinking he’s talking about the Christian community.

DK: You know Dr. Jimmy for him to be incarcerated amount of time he was was tragic but it was somewhat brief. For him to come back to the United States after being incarcerated only briefly and see the dramatic down turns in the United States and what he is a little bit more objective observer is going to be pending persecution. I do believe he was referencing against the Christian church. All of that is a stunning stunning statement.

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