One Comment on “The Jews are praying that the Jewish Temple will be built this year in Jerusalem”

  1. Jesus prophesied that the temple of his day would be demolished and it was. The demolition of that temple marked the official end of national Israel and Gods special dealings with Israel as a covenant nation. To the jew first was for all practical purposes completed. The elect Jews whose names were written in the lambs book from the foundation of the world and who lived during the times of Messiah Jesus and the Apostolic era were fulfilled. Every elect jew from that point on were to be evangelize like every lost unsaved sinner throughout the remainder of the new covenant era which officially ends at the consummation of this world when Jesus comes in flaming fire taking vengeance upon ALL those who know not God and who have not obeyed the gospel 1 Thessalonians 1:8. This pertains as much to the unsaved Jews as it does to the unsaved gentile. 2 Peter 3:8 to 12 and many passages carry the same eschatological message. What Paul tells non Jews in Roman’s who are clearly becoming the predominant members of our Lords ekklesia especially in places like Rome is not to look down upon or despise unbelieving Jews but to understand that as God has chosen multitudes of gentiles to represent the new covenant kingdom on earth that God still has His elect among the very people who repudiated their Messiah and who in the beginning were the severest persecutors of those who believed in Messiah and as Paul himself said that he was the chief leader of much of this persecution that wanted the new faith annihilated yet it was Gods plan to save Paul in the fullness of time and reveal Jesus in him because he was elected not only to salvation in Messiah Revelation 13:8 Ephesians 1:4, 2:8,9. Galatians chapter 1 Roman’s chapters 9 thru 11, but to the apostleship and the mission to the nations. Gods promises to save a people from among all nations coincided with His eternal plan of salvation for those Jews who were also elected to that same salvation. The promise to the Fathers will be fulfilled and as long as one elect gentile is to be saved so to even so Jews are also yet to be saved. While they lost their place as an elect or chosen nation the elect within that elect nation will be saved in spite of their national hardness of heart and unbelief. That is Paul’s whole argument in Roman’s from chapter 9 to chapter 11.
    God in Christ has not ordained that He will rebuild a temple for a nation He has cast off in some future era in order to evangelize the former covenant nation which openly repudiated and refused their Messiah! Matthew 23 . Your house is desolate said a weeping Messiah who would have gathered them but they would not! God will save all His elect through preaching and fulfilling the great commission not by recreating a temple for a people who are lost and in unbelief. The Jewish nation is as cursed and as under the wrath of God as any other unsaved rebel against God and His anointed. The reasons why a Jewish nation came back into the world are not because God has some great plan of redemption for them but to remind them of their wickedness and that this age is about to be judged. More on this at another time.
    God bless.

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