An Israeli political party wants the Temple to be built, and very soon

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: What does it look like politically for the Prime Minister’s re-election possibility?

DD: Well Jimmy if there is any major action in the North the elections will be postponed. That’s happened several times before during times of conflict so that’s the first thing to say.  The polls still show that Netanyahu and Benny Gantz of the Blue and White are about even and what seats they would get. But as you mentioned Prime Minister Netanyahu made an agreement this week with the Zehut movement that’s headed by Moshe Feiglin. He’s a right wing Politian an Orthodox Jew and very much an advocate for rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount. The Prime Minister said he would go along with that and he would appoint Feiglin as a minister in his government. He’s very much an advocate for rebuilding the Temple and this time he has an agreement with the Likud. So that will add 1 or 2 seats to the Likud meaning the right wing will be strengthen and that’s what Netanyahu is ultimately after.

JD: He said at one time that if he was elected Prime Minister they would start construction on the third temple right away. But my questions is does that mean that Prime Minister Netanyahu is now in favor of that third temple being put up pretty quickly?

DD: Well it’s certainly a major step in that direction Jimmy. Of course the Prime Minister knows the opposition would be intense. Such a thing is only probably going to happen in the wake of another massive Middle East war in which the opponents of Israel would be defeated and that maybe exactly where we’re at right now on the verge of such a thing as we’ve been talking about. Who knows? But it’s certainly is a step towards that in the Likud. And there are other Likud members and of course members of other right wing parties and religious parties that want to see a temple rebuilt as well. So Feiglin is not alone but he will be apparently a senior cabinet minister if Netanyahu forms the next government.

JD: David Dolan with the details on the Israeli political party that wants the temple to be built in Jerusalem and very soon.

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