The fires burning in the Amazon Rain Forest are a precursor to the Trumpet Judgments found in the Book of Revelation

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: What is a rain forest?

DD: Jimmy that’s one of the areas of geography around the world. The Amazon is the largest rain forest there is. It’s an area of considerable rainfall, lots of vegetation, and a huge bio diversity kinds of animals and plants.

JD: And they’re calling that area the lungs of the earth. Now why do they call it that?

DD: Because vegetation in a way breaths in and out and breaths opposite of us. Where as we take in oxygen and give off CO2. Vegetation does the very opposite. It takes in CO2 and giving off oxygen. Although we must be careful the news has a way of getting carried away. The Brazilian rain forest are almost a wash as far as oxygen in and out.

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