Due to the resignation of the U.S. peace envoy to Israel, the Trump peace plan may not happen

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David the headline, “United States peace envoy Jason Greenblatt resigns”. What does that mean to the peace process?

DD: Well Jimmy he has said he will stay on until the peace plan is formally unveiled which they say will be after the Israeli elections. But it certainly is a sign that there may be some weakness, this is at least how Israeli’s are seeing it. But again as I’ve been talking about for months and others too it just seems very unlikely this peace plan will go anywhere. There’s chaos in Israel in the political system and the Palestinians have already totally rejected it. It’s a signal that this peace plan is probably not going to go very far.

JD: Both sides are so set in their ways they’re not going to be able to really negotiate or give in a little bit to make this happen?

DD: Well Jimmy you know we have to remember this is really a dream as it were from one man, Donald Trump. That he would be able because he’s a great deal maker as he says, that nobody has been able to succeed in bringing an end to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They’re just seems to be no place right now for this to succeed.

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