The Israeli Air Force joined the Saudi Air Force to attack an Iranian site

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David I want to talk to you about the Israeli-Saudi combination, the two together attacking there on the Syrian-Iraqi border in response to this Iranian attack on the Saudi oil fields or the refinery. What do we know?

DD: Well Jimmy we have reports coming out of several Israeli security services and sources and also some Arab Gulf military sources being quoted saying that for the first time openly Israeli and Saudi jets jointly attacked in the Abu Kamal region. The eastern border region as you said of Syria with Iraq and Jordan is just on the other side have been jointly hitting bases there. They say that the “unidentified” UAVs that have been sited flying low over Iranian concentrations in Syria belong to Saudi Arabia. But the Israeli Air Forces reportedly jointly attacking these positions and the US is providing air cover as well as running intelligence. And the reports suggest Jimmy that this is why President Trump has not taken any military action because the Israelis and Saudis said, hey we’ll go on and do it, we’ll hit their bases and where they launch these attacks from and reduce their forces there.

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