An Iranian military leader held secret meetings in Baghdad recently, to plan an attack on the United State military bases in the Middle East, and the State of Israel

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: What about Soleimani, he’s the head of the Quds that militia there in Iran. They want to take over and control Israel of course and particularly the city of Jerusalem. But Soleimani went into Baghdad to confer with the Shiite proxies there right after this event took place in the Saudi oil fields. Looks like he wants to put all the US forces in the entire Middle East but in particular Iraq as targets and also Israel. Any real concern about that?

KT: There’s a great deal of concern about that. He met with militia leaders; he met with Adil Abdul-Mahdi Prime Minister in Iraq and other very very top official people involve with what they call with the popular mobilization forces. These are Iranian backed Shiite fighters on the ground about 100,000 of them in Iraq. There is some evidence that one of their locations may have been used to launch the strikes on Saudi Arabia. The Iraqi government has denied that. It still remains a lead to be investigated and this is a huge asset that he has.

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