Jews around the world are repenting during the”Awesome Days” leading up to Yom Kippur

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: Since we talked about Rosh Hashanah and right after that then the 10 days up until Yom Kippur talk to me about what happens during these Awesome Days these 10 days leading up to the most sacred of the Jewish Feast days?

SH: Well during these 10 days of aw Jewish people have sin on their mind as well. So they want to repent from the sins they’ve done and so Rosh Hashanah brings in the New Year. There’s repentance on their mind. They’re looking to Yom Kippur as the time when their name will either be sealed in the book of life or in the book of judgment. So for these 10 days they are doing everything they can to make up for these sins. In fact they even go to a running creek or river and throw leavened bread in and as far as that bread is carried away so far they want to remove their sins from them.

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