The Foreign Minister of Israel says an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran to stop its nuclear program is on the table and a viable option

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: The Israeli Foreign Minister said that bombing Iran to stop its nuclear program is an option on the table. What are you thoughts?

KT: Well he was speaking openly Mr. Katz and its certainly true this is not what the Israeli’s want to do. If the European do not act, if the Americans do not act. So he said “look you Europeans if you do not crack down on Iran; if you do not stop shipments from your companies in Europe to Iran to help their uranium center future equipment we will consider a military strike on Iran to wipe out their nuclear weapons program. So don’t make us do it. We will if we have to but don’t make us do it.”

JD: They said they will give a crushing response to any Israeli aggression. Privado do you think they can really do it?

KT: No they are talking seriously and as we’ve mentioned on this broadcast they have their proxies in the region and they have many of them. Iran’s goal is to essentially create not just proxy forces but proxy government. They’re trying to take over the governments of Iraq and Syria and to make them part of Iran. They see them as part of a greater Shia crescent in the Middle East. They’re hoping to mobilize all Muslim forces in the Middle East against Israel. That is the goal and when they say we will attack Israel they are serious. They have forces that are capable of doing this.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the statement by the Israeli Foreign Minister who says that a preemptive strike against the Iranian nuclear program is a viable option and on the table today.

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