David Dolan, our Middle East journalist, tells us how Yasser Arafat almost ran him over in Bethlehem at Christmas time

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David, talk to us about your favorite Christmas story at Bethlehem.

DD: Well Jimmy I think I’ve mentioned before on your program one time in the mid 90s when the late Yasser Arafat the PLO leader, the Palestinian Authority leader then, when his car nearly ran me over. I was out for CBS Radio in the Bethlehem area and I just stepped off the curb to interview some Palestinians to get their reaction to Christmas and this Hummer came around the corner going very very fast. It turned out it was Arafat and his driver and a couple of others. They were moving real real fast. One of the people I was interviewing grabbed me. Just reached out and grabbed me and pulled me onto the curb or I might would have been a Christmas pudding myself.

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