A Third Temple in Jerusalem is ready to be rebuilt on the Temple Mount

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: For years Jews have been preparing.

DD: When I first went to Israel in 1980 which is well over 30 years, well almost 40 years ago now actually there was already talk of it at least and people expressing their desire to one day see the Temple rebuilt. As the years have gone on the actual activities to make that happen have increased substantially. We now have a sitting Sanhedrin which by the way Jimmy this evening in Jerusalem they’re lighting the final candle of Hanukkah and they have representatives of 70 different righteous nations there. They’re going to do it on Mt. Zion. They’re proclaiming that judgment is coming. The 70 righteous nations as they put it are being opposed by the 70 dark nations that are opposing righteousness on Earth and then a showdown with Edom is coming. And basically they’re predicting conflict ahead.

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