The Palestinian media is being used to train children to be violent

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: How did the Palestinian media get its go ahead for this operation of both the print and the electronic media?

IM: The Palestinian media is a result of the Oslo Accords. It’s with the permission of Israel. The media was supposed to be something that was to enable them to create the institutions of the state. It was not supposed to be the source for promoting hatred, terror and violence and that’s exactly what it’s turned into.

JD: And when we think about the Palestinian media are we talking about media that is focused and directed towards all age groups?

IM: Exactly. The one main Palestinian Authority’s page has different times that are set aside programing for adults. But you also have children’s programing which are some of the most problematic things we find in the Palestinian official media.

JD: Describe what you’re talking about.

IM: The children are very often reciting poems, the way they are taught to aspire to be martyrs, aspire to shot, aspire to grab a gun; very violent. And not only violent against Israeli’s and Jews but violence against themselves from children on children’s program. Then the moderator will of course after they recite these poems about how much they want to be martyrs the moderator will say bravo bravo.

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