Iran’s Number Two leader is dead, and what lies ahead is prophetic

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: When I start a conversation with Ken Timmerman in a moment we’re going to catch immediately what is ahead. It relates to what took place there in the Middle East actually in Iraq itself with the elimination by a United States military team. A elimination of the number one military man possibly the number two guy in all of Iran, General Soleimani. And he’s the man who headed up the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Ken this is an unbelievable story.

KT: Jimmy it’s an earth shattering story if you wish for US-Iranian relations I believe for the future of the Iranian regime and ultimately for the rest of the Middle East. Qassem Soleimani the number one terror master in Iran was killed by US forces and with him goes a good deal of their apparatus. Because he wasn’t just an individual commander. If there is such a thing as an irreplaceable man in the Iranian regime context he’s the guy. He is more important to the regime then the Supreme leader who actually is a nobody. He is a two-bit low-level itinerant village preacher or at least those are his origins.

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