Locusts are invading the continent of Africa

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: One of the major news stories in the global headlines this past week has been the serious problem with locust swarms that are threatening the region and a possible famine. What can you tell us about that?

DJ: The situation is that every so often there’s an explosion of desert locust and they can devastate crops when they’re swarming. And one of these outbreaks has been under way for several weeks now and growing daily.

Let me read part of a recent report from Algae Zero. They say the insects are the worlds most dangerous migratory pests. Locusts can swarm in billions and now they’re invading not only Ethiopia but Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan and it’s the worst outbreak in decades. And I watched a news report on this it said a swarm of billions of locust can travel as much as 120 miles in a day.

National Geographic described the situation this way, a desert locust swarm can be 460 square miles in size and pack between 40 and 80 million locust in less than half a square mile and each locust can eat its weight in plants each day. So a swarm of such a size can eat 423 million pounds of plants a day. And Jimmy I’ll be in Ethiopia next week so I’m not sure what I might see there. Just a few days ago they reached Uganda but not yet to where I am. And when the rainy season starts in a few weeks the locust population will explode by some estimates to as much as 500 times of what it is now.

JD: David James with a report from Uganda where he is on the ground a report on the locust invasion of the continent of Africa.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

People across the world are talking about what they consider apocalyptic events happening all around the world. David’s report from where he is there in Uganda is up to date information on this catastrophic event that is taking place. These swarms of locust are devastating the farm land of Africa. This is happening and will bring about an increase in the famines also spreading across that continent.

Some prophecy teachers are saying that these events are a fulfillment of Bible prophecy which is not the case. The next prophetic event to happen is the Rapture then the Tribulation period. That’s when famine as foretold in Revelation 6:5 & 6 will be fulfilled. The Rapture has not happen so we’re not in the Tribulation period. However, these swarms of locust are for sure a precursor to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

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