The United States is calling for a Middle East regional peace conference

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: David there’s a report out that the United States is planning a Middle Eastern regional summit because the wheels of peace have began to turn. Is that a possibility? Could there be a Middle Eastern regional summit on peace with the Arab states and the Jewish State of Israel?

DD: There could but the Israeli’s right now are not pushing for that because they are dealing with their internal political crisis and the coronavirus continues to spread. It’s actually the first time it has hit the Gaza Strip this week and they have a lock down going on there. But it certainly is an American goal and it’s not just President Trump but Joe Biden said he would pursue the same sort of thing. 
Jimmy we have the regional instability going on. We had clashes on the northern border between Lebanon and Israel this week with Hezbollah shooting at an Israeli soldier. It was a sniper fortunately they didn’t kill him or hit him. But that sparked some action. We have Shia-Sunni conflict growing in Lebanon. We had clashes on Thursday a four hour battle south of Beirut so that is growing. We had a terror attack in Israel. We had more balloons from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel and Israel responding with air strikes. So all of this military action going on along the edges mostly sponsored by Iran. And really until that situation Iran’s desire to destroy Israel, to wipe it out and to arm and weaponize the whole area until that’s dealt with any regional peace deal or accord is going to be rather not meaningless but it won’t really bring final peace because that is the main war issue that we’re dealing with. 
As we mentioned last week though the king would be Saudi Arabia but because of their old religious holy sites of Islam primarily they feel they have to be a little slower and more careful in that way. Then there’s no chance of getting Iran or even now Turkey, Hamas, Hezbollah on board any sort of a peace trend.
JD: David Dolan with the details on the call by the United States for a Middle East regional peace conference. 
We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
Dave’s report on the American call for a Middle East regional peace conference fits right into the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible prophecy. To start the clock ticking on the seven year Tribulation period in the future there will be a peace confirmed by the Antichrist between Israel and their Arab neighbors, that’s Daniel 9:27. With all the recent talk about peace in the Middle East the stage is set for God’s program for peace in the Middle East.

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