When it seems that America is descending into chaos we must turn to the Bible

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: We have been witnessing some very troubling things over the last 12 months. As it seems that the United States basically is descending into chaos. 

DJ: Well unfortunately I have to agree with you Jimmy. Everyone knows 2020 was a very tough year. Although I’m a generally an optimus I’m also a realist I think and I’ve been saying for weeks that I’ve been concerned that 2021 could be even worst. But I didn’t think things could go south so quickly as we’ve seen this week. But then with the march and the rally that also started on Wednesday and especially with the breach of the capitol it wasn’t good and I don’t know where all of this is going. 
On Wednesday evening as I was interacting on Facebook I wondered out loud if we may have passed the tipping point. People all across the country are tired, they’re frustrated. We aren’t on a good trajectory. People have been locked down, they’ve been locked down, they’ve been isolated and sick and some have had their business and livelihoods destroyed. 
JD: So how then do we keep Biblical prospective as we deal with a world that seems to be basically spinning out of control?
DJ: Well years ago I read a book called “Balancing the Christian Life” by Charles Ryrie and I think it was helpful in a time like this to try and find a balance because we can move to extremes and we are moving through a mine field in this pandemic with this social unrest and political craziness. Jesus said to be wise as serpents but innocent as doves. So on the one hand Romans 13:1 says let every soul be subject to the governing authorities where there is no authority except from God. But in Acts 4 where Peter and John had been arrested for preaching they said whether its right in the sight of God to listen to you more than God, you judge for we cannot speak but the things we have seen and heard. As a friend wrote on Facebook Friday as Christians we’re to blame for the national mess we’re in for we have left the light of Christ and let His word grow dim in our culture. 
JD: David James, Bible in hand explaining why in our world today we must turn to the Bible and God’s instruction in these chaotic days.
We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
That was an interesting Facebook post that David shared with us which said much of what’s happening in our world today is because of Christians, that’s you and me, not following God’s manual for today. I Timothy 2 says pray for those in higher authority so that we can live a quiet peaceable Godly life. Jesus said, II Peter 3:9 that He will keep His promise of the Rapture but that He wants more people to get saved, and dear friend that’s our job.

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