The son of the former President Ronald Reagan is spending millions of dollars to fight Christianity

Jimmy DeYoung

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DJ: This is not imaginary this is a reality.

JD: David let me thank you for staying on top of this story for us. Continue to do that please we need to alert the listeners to prophecy today. You know David I think an advantage that we have in our country that many others in other countries don’t have even in the West is that believers make up a larger percentage of our population therefore we have a voice and views that are protected by the Constitution at least for now.
DJ:  Well that’s right Jimmy and people are sounding the alarm about this war on Christianity and are pushing back. Back in 2016 a lady named Mary Eberstadt wrote a book called “It’s Dangerous To Believe”. Then in an article for Time Magazine in June of that year she said traditional American Christians have long been on the losing end of culture war contest. She noted that flagship evangelical schools have had their accreditation question and some secularist argue that Christian schools don’t deserve accreditation and activist have targeted even homeschooling for being a Christian thing. 
Last year former Attorney General Jeff Sessions publicly responded to a tax by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which is a national atheist group headed by Ronald Reagan’s son. Session said this, “Christians and people of all faith are under attack in America, Ron Reagan’s atheist group is spending millions of dollars attacking Christians in the name of religious liberty.” Then Sessions went on to say “I can promise you we will not be intimidated by some leftist from Hollywood, my message to people of faith is this I have your back I’ve spent my whole life fighting to make sure that Christians and people of all faith can boldly live out their faith that is what religious liberty means.” So Jimmy we need to stand for the truth for the sake of this and future generations that we need to stay informed and exercise our rights. And most importantly we need to preach and teach the word of God with conviction and without apology. 
JD: David James explaining the war that is being waged against Christianity in our world today.
We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
Dave’s report on the war being waged against Christianity is just the tip of the iceberg on this war here in America. Time does not allow but I could report that this war is spreading across the entire world. In fact the war will only intensify against believers in the near future that’s according to Revelation 6:9-11. Killing believers is part of satan’s strategy for the future. 

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