The Biden White House is telling the new Israeli government how to control the Temple Mount

Jimmy DeYoung

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DD: It’s reversal of what has been the policy under the Netanyahu government over the past few years to pretty much allow Jews up on the Temple Mount. This was a real set back. The Knesset member wanted to go up, he has every legal right to do so he said and the police stopped it. Well this comes a mid reports that the Biden Administration is putting strong pressure on Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, the two new leaders of the new government to calm the situation in Jerusalem. To do nothing, to light up the situation was one quote. The Palestinians, Hamas we just talked about they of course ceased on this and said no Jews up there at all anymore, we’re going to defend Al-Aqsa. They continue to talk like that everyday. So that is the issue that the Palestinians and Muslims everywhere really use against Israel more than any. That is the most sensitive site on Earth real estate wise and indeed the situation there is also very very ruling.

JD: However I did notice that Israel did approve the flag march to celebrate Jerusalem day and let the leaders of the flag march go into the Old City.
DD: They did Jimmy. That’s supposed to take place now on Tuesday. It was postponed from earlier. They have changed the route the police have. They won’t let them enter through Damascus Gate. They instead will go through Jaffa Gate near the Jewish quarters, the Armenian quarters really and then march to the Wall of the Old City. But there is speculation now Jimmy that this may again be postponed because tensions are so high right now in the whole area that this is seen as possibly a spark. And certainly the White House is asking that it be canceled entirely. So we’ll just have to see if it takes place.
JD: David Dolan explaining how the Biden White House is controlling the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.
In the first days of the new Israeli government the Biden White House is dictating that Israel stop all controversy surrounding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This dictate from the Biden White House is in contradiction of the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah who foretold of Jerusalem being the center of controversy, that’s Zechariah 12:2. Remember the Temple Mount is given to the Jews forever, that’s II Samuel 7:10. The White House has no say as to how the Temple Mount will be operated. It’s God’s plan for the Temple Mount which is absolute.  

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