Chainsaw excuses

Bill asked his neighbor if he could borrow his chainsaw. The neighbor replied, “Sorry I can’t help you. I had soup for lunch yesterday.” Bill scratched his head and asked, “What does that have to do with borrowing the chainsaw?” The neighbor replied, “Nothing really, I just figured one excuse is just as good as another.”

Unfortunately, lots of our excuses don’t add up any better than those of Bill’s neighbor. Many of us will procrastinate our lives away continuously living under the belief that “someday” I’ll start my own business, start sharing my faith, do more with my family, or write a book. But today, I’ve got this piddly little thing that’s keeping me from applying myself to what I really feel God has called me to do.

Remember, as long as we’re waiting on Fred to get off the night shift, or Bobby to graduate, or a new adminsitration to take over in Washington, before we can take action, we’ll never produce. Quit hiding behind your excuses today, and redeem the time.

Rick Grubbs is best known as the host of “Redeeming the Time,” a one-minute radio program featured on hundreds of radio outlets around the world. He has spoken thousands of times on Biblical time management in all 50 states and 26 other countries. He is the author of the book “Morning Momentum: God’s plan for launching an unstoppable day”. He and his wife Carrie live in Salisbury NC with several of their 12 children.

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