Pregnancy Care Center Vandal Caught

Christian post reports that the Amherst, New York Police Department announced last week that with help from the FBI, it had arrested Hannah Kamke in connection with the March sixteen vandalism of CompassCare, a pregnancy care center in the Buffalo area. Kamke had spray-painted the word “liars” on the center’s sign. The facility was also firebombed last June. The perpetrator of that major attack remains at large. A private investigation has been launched in the firebombing incident.

I think this is only the second arrest in well over one hundred attacks on pregnancy care centers, churches, and other pro-life organizations. Our office was firebombed on May eighth last year. The FBI keeps telling us they are aggressively working on our case, but to date, no one has even been brought in for questioning. Apparently the FBI can handle graffiti but not firebombing.

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