“The Fatherless Epidemic”

Leah Klett, with Christian Post, writes of Eric Swithin, founder of The Alliance for Ending the Fatherless Epidemic. Swithin believes most of the issues permeating society can be traced back to fatherlessness, a situation he says Satan is using to undermine God’s plan for the world He created. Last month the Alliance released an online video documentary entitled “The Fatherless Epidemic.”  “We can talk about poverty, education, mental illness, substance abuse, and on and on. These are all traced back to a fatherlessness issue,” Swithin says.

Swithin is right. Fatherlessness is at epidemic levels in our country. In fact, right now in Milwaukee, well over eighty percent of the babies born are born to single moms. Many of these babies will never know their fathers—and most will suffer a host of ills because of that. Churches need to champion marriage while still finding ways to help fatherless children.

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