UW to End Diversity Statements


News outlets report that University of Wisconsin System president Jay Rothman last week in his testimony before a state legislative committee announced he’s ending the use of diversity statements in hiring
throughout the system. Rothman said, “And as a result [of this decision], some people may simply not apply. We have to be inclusive, and that means inclusive of everyone, including people with varying political ideologies and perspectives.” Republican lawmakers, who have expressed interest in eliminating DEI programs, had threatened to cut state funding for the university system.

Assembly speaker Robin Vos says this is a small step in the right direction but that much more needs to be done to stop the blatant discrimination and indoctrination that takes place on UW campuses. He’s right, but this is a very important step. It’s too bad it took a financial threat to get to this point, but at least this disastrous, divisive policy is stopped.

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